Gonquest is an online multiplayer real-time strategy game based on Go.

Gonquest simplifies the rules of Go, and allows several players to play on the same board simultaneously. Players do not take turns, but may move whenever they have pieces to play. See the Rules of Gonquest.

Warning: This is a just a demo. The scoring system is not yet implemented. The board only updates when you make a move; moves made by other players since your last move will appear when you move. To refresh the board without playing, press the Update button.

This demo uses a Java applet. Java must be installed on your computer, and must be enabled in your browser. On Windows 7, you may need to use the Safari browser, others do not work with Gonquest.

Log in to play Gonquest

You may log in with nickname "guest" (password "passwd"), but all guests play the same color. To get your own nickname, please register. Then you can pick your color for each game, and no one else can play your color on that game.


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Gonquest is a project of  DaviWorks